What is Kenpo

Kenpo is a mixture of five cultures, originating in China over twenty-one generations ago. It found its way to Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii, and then the United States of America. Kenpo is an ancient art that is still practical for the twenty-first century.

Kenpo is both a circular and linear system, taking advantages from both.  There are nine levels from white to 1st degree black and 10 levels of black; because of its abundance of self defense techniques, it is best presented one-on-one or to small groups.

Kenpo is a street, practical self defense system.  Whether defending against a single opponent or multiple, the system is designed to be quick and effective.  Students are trained in a self defense situation to use effective and appropriate self defense. In addition to your self defense training, students have the option to learn one-on-one or in small group classes, heavy bag work, proper stretching methods, weapons training, sparring, kickboxing, grappling, and techniques against an opponent.  We have a modified version for younger students designed to be age appropriate.

Our specialized instruction customizes each student’s training and individualizes their lessons. Lessons are designed to fit your schedule and our unmatched programs are available to adults, children, and families.

Each student has their own personal, certified black belt instructor who will teach their private lessons. Private lessons allow the student to learn much faster with greater attention to detail. Having the same instructor for each lesson has many advantages. Students are more comfortable asking questions and more confident about performing their learned skills. The instructor will also have a better understanding of the student’s physical abilities, rate of learning, and progress. This will enable the instructor to keep the student organized and to set short and long term goals. Students are tested and promoted by their individual instructor which allows them to progress at a unrestricted rate.

Introductory Course - 2 Private Lessons for $40

This course is designed to give the new student an introduction into Kenpo. Lessons are available 7 days a week.