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How to get Started

Introductory Course | $40

This course is designed to give the new student an introduction into Kenpo and allows you to evaluate the quality of instruction and the system.  In your first three lessons you will be learning requirements towards your first belt rank, including stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, and self-defense techniques.  The purpose of the first three lessons is to give you a chance to make an educated decision based on your experience.  Lesson times are available seven days a week and can be adjusted to meet most people’s busy schedules.  At no additional cost, you may add a friend or family member to your lessons.

  • 3 private lessons with a certified instructor
  • Call today to set up a tour or schedule your first lesson.
  • Normal operating times: 10:00AM – 9:00PM (Mon-Sun)


Choose your Program

After completion of the Introductory Course students continue their training and earn their 1st rank in Kenpo through group instruction or private lessons.

Adult Group Program

Designed to introduce the fundamentals of the Kenpo system in a group class.

    • Earn your first belt rank
    • Introduction to cardio and heavybag workouts
    • Learn from a certified instructor
    • $75 per month
    • No contract
    • FREE Uniform


Private Lesson Program

Customized lessons that fit your schedule. Learn at an accelerated rate to maximize understanding and detail.

    • Learn at your own pace
    • Customized to your abilities
    • Lesson times that fit your schedule
    • Achieve rank faster
    • Learn from a certified instructor
    • Adult Classes included
    • No contract
    • FREE Uniform

Introductory Course - 3 Private Lessons for $40

Kenpo Karate specializes in private instruction with certified instructors and flexible schedules.