Our Instructors

Each student has their own personal, certified instructor who will teach their private lessons. Private lessons allow the student to learn much faster with greater attention to detail. Having the same instructor for each lesson has many advantages. Students are more comfortable asking questions and more confident about performing their learned skills. The instructor will also have a better understanding of the student’s physical abilities, rate of learning, and progression. This will enable the instructor to keep the student organized and set short and long term goals. Only the student’s instructor may promote them to the next belt level.


Instructor – Steven Finn


10th Degree Black Belt
Personally taught by 10th Degree Grand Master Al Tracy
Over 35 years experience teaching full time
Awarded Master Instructor Certification in 2005
Inducted in the International Kenpo Hall of Fame in 2007
Owned and operated a studio in Wichita Falls, TX from 1984 – 1991
1991 to present day owns and operates Kenpo Karate LLC


Instructor – Tristan Finn

3rd Degree Black Belt
Over 10 years teaching experience