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Women’s Self Defense Program

This NEW program is taught in a 1-hour lesson once per week for your first 2 months.  Learn all the requirements for your first rank in Kenpo karate, including instruction in bag work and an introduction to sparring. Cost is $75.00 per month, limit 8 students per class. Class instruction is taught by 2nd degree black belt Matina Finn. Class times are decided once 5 students have signed up. Uniform available for purchase but not required for this program.

After you receive your first rank you may continue to learn and achieve rank on a Private Lesson Program. These lessons can start one-on-one or can be joined with another student to split cost and have a partner to practice with.


Group Instructional Classes

These classes are designed to give you detailed instruction at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to help maximize your personal workouts and training.  Your normal private lesson is designed to achieve rank in the minimal amount of time.  It is for this reason we offer these additional instructional classes for free to our students or if students prefer, may purchase one-on-one instruction in any of the categories listed below at a discounted rate.

  • Heavybag and focus mit work
  • Sparring (tournament style and kickboxing)
  • Stretching
  • Self-defense techniques with a partner
  • Kicks and basics
  • Ground fighting (how to incorporate into your Kenpo)
  • Weapons training (for advanced students)

Class times available upon request.

Introductory Special - 2 Private Lessons for $40

This course is designed to give the new student an introduction into Kenpo. Lessons are available 7 days a week.